Are you taking action or did your business burn down?

Fire Sprinklers

Dream to Nightmare

After many years of hard work, you finally have your business right where you want it. You’re sleeping soundly in your bed until…

Your phone rings in the middle of the night. It’s the Fire Department calling to tell you that your office building has just been burnt to the ground. Luckily no life was lost in the fire – this time…

How did it happen? What could you have done differently? Now you have to start over. Your dream has turned into a nightmare!


Read on!

Chances are, you’re feeling scared

Now there’s nowhere for your employees to work. You have to replace all the stock. The police first want to do lengthy investigations before they release your building back to you. The insurance might take years to pay out.

You feel like there’s nothing you can do!

Fire Sprinklers

This Could Be You

“What can I do to avoid this situation?”

Take Action! Don’t make a mistake now that can cost you thousands or tens of thousands of Rands. Prevention to this type of disaster is available.

Start by downloading the Fire Sprinkler Consumer Guide. The guide contains valuable information and steps to follow to prevent disaster. 

We not only install these Fire Sprinkler Systems, we also design them.

Statistics show a reduction of more than 65% in property loss and deaths by having these systems when professionally installed and maintained.

Fire-proof your business as best as you can today!

Fire Sprinkler Consumer Guide

Download the Fire Sprinkler Consumer Guide for more information on fire sprinkler systems. It answers all the questions you might have.

Protect Your Business from Fire

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