training and development

At Vox Fire, we believe that a fire prevention system is only as strong as its weakest link – and often during emergency situations, the human factor becomes the weak link in terms of inadequate training and experience. We offer a training service to our clients to ensure:

  • occupants of a building are familiar and knowledgeable about the systems and equipment provided, and are capably trained to manage it
  • assist in procedures and emergency action plans, which includes evacuation procedures, roles and duties of fire wardens or leaders
  • staff member training and fire drills to ensure controlled evacuation procedures are followed
  • provision of specialized training with regard to specific hazards and risks
  • first-aid training


We offer an assessment service of existing buildings to evaluate:

  • active (smoke detection systems, extinguishers, hose reels, hydrants); and
  • passive (fire walls, escape doors, locking devices, emergency lighting) fire protection measures.

Post survey, a comprehensive written report and recommendations, which includes legal requirements and remedial work are presented and discussed in detail with the client with a view to find the best, workable solutions.

  emergency planning

Vox Fire offers a uniquely designed Microsoft Excel software-based emergency plan which is ideally suited for any employee who has access to his/her company's network.

In addition, the plan is usually produced as a conventional hard copy and posted throughout the building in highly visible locations.